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DIY RepRap Prusa I3 3D Printer Kit V2

DIY Prusa i3 printer kit that doesn't require altering, drilling, soldering or cutting anything. Now for just $329


We offer a wide range of high quality specialty filament from brands like Taulman 3D, NinjaFlex and Polymaker.

Taulman 3D TECH-G PETG

TECH-G is a very high strength PETG. 6,000PSI tensile strength and 3% elongation when 3D printed!

Polymaker High Quality Filament

Polymaker is a company committed to innovation, quality and sustainability, in the pursuit of producing safe and clean materials for the 3D printing industry.
With an eight step quality control process, Polymaker’s 3D printer filaments are guaranteed to have the best quality standards.

Polymaker PC-Max

PC-Max™ takes the already impressive characteristics of Polycarbonate, one step further.

Leapfrog CREATR HS 3D Printer

HS stands for high speed. The dual extruder allows you to print with two types of materials or colors at the same time.

Leapfrog CREATR HS LITE 3D Printer

The Creatr HS Lite has the largest build volume in its class, with an astonishing volume of 13.6L and the possibility to print objects up to 28cm of length.

Leapfrog XEED 3D Printer

Print quality, consistency and repeatability is assured with the heated bed chamber and Leapfrogs’ PerfectLevel system, which calibrates the bed perfectly before each print.

Leapfrog CREATR HS XL 3D Printer

High speed & extra large: With a print speed up to 300mm/s and a maximum print volume of 43 liter the Creatr HS XL will get you your large prints extremely fast.
Say goodbye to SD cards, run your Creatr HS simply from a USB stick. Preheat and start printing in less than 10 minutes (USB 3.0 compatible).