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  • Avante FilaOne™ Green Advanced Composite

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    All FilaOne spool purchases (regardless of the spool size) include a complimentary printing adhesion sheet.


    General Information

    The FilaOne Green filament is an advanced composite that can expand your desktop 3D printing capabilities from conceptual prototypes to functional and "production quality" parts. 

    The Green Advanced Composite filament is a true engineering grade material designed for professionals. A very tough and stiff material that has a 13% higher flexural modulus than ABS. This filament does not craze or crack when bent. It can be drilled, tapped and support screws, threaded bolts and even nails. 

    But one of the best features of this filament has to be that it is water repellent. It can handle salt water, alkali and is acid resistant. 

    Key Features 

    FilaOne Green provides "engineering grade" mechanical properties without the drawbacks of Nylon. This material is: 

    • Hydrophobic: water resistant and not affected by humidity
    • Eco-Friendly: degrades safely in a landfill
    • Mechanically Strong: stiff, impact resistant, chemically resistant
    • Extrudable At Low Temperatures: 205°C - 210°C
    • Safe To Print With: no toxic outgassing
    Product Information

    FilaOne™ Green is in comparison to other popular 3D printing materials:

    • Stronger and more resilient than ABS, PETG, PLA 
    • No drying before printing vs drying of ABS, PETG, PLA, Nylon 
    • No noxious odors during printing vs ABS, PETG, Nylon 
    • Not affected by moisture vs ABS, Nylon, PETG 
    • Does not clog nozzle vs ABS, PETG and PLA

    Examples of Applications for FilaOne™ Green are: 

    • Outdoor and marine applications 
    • Parts exposed to chemicals/fumes 
    • General use for functional parts as a safer and easier to print alternative to Nylon and ABS

      Cost per cubic inch/cm:

      • $0.35 per cubic inch @ 20% infil 
      • $0.02 per cubic cm @ 20% infil

      Post Processing: 

      • This material can be sanded
      • It can be painted using Krylon plastic paints
      • It supports screws, bolts and nails
      Adhesion Sheet

      The complementary FilaOne™ Printing Adhesion Sheet optimizes the temporary adhesion of objects printed with the Avante filaments. This adhesion sheet has a retail value of $34.95. 

      The sheet optimizes part adhesion during printing while at the same time allowing for easy removal of completed parts (without damaging any surface).

      The sheets are easy to apply and safe to use, no chemicals or glues required. The sheets are made to provide a strong, durable surface that will last for many print jobs when used as recommended. 

      The FilaOne™ Printing Adhesion Sheets are available in 8.5 inch (21.6 cm) by 10 inch (25.4 cm) sheets. You can easily cut them with scissors to fit your specific print bed.

      Both the filament and printing adhesion sheets are designed to work on any FFF/FDM printer with a heated bed capable of maintaining 95ºC and extruding at 210ºC - 220ºC.

      Custom sizes available upon request.


      FilaOne™ User Guide & 3D Printer Setup

      FilaOne™ Green Product Overview and Comparison Chart With Conventional Filaments

    Avante FilaOne™ Green Advanced Composite
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    Avante FilaOne™ Green Advanced Composite Avante FilaOne™ Green Advanced Composite

    Avante FilaOne™ Green Advanced Composite Product Details

    Avante FilaOne™ Green Advanced Composite Specifications
    Available diameter Spool weight
    Print bed hot Print bed cold
    Print temp range Filament melting point
    Nozzle size Filament shrinkage
    Max. elongation Modulus PSI
    Tensile strength Filament Tg
    Transmission Tolerance
    Ambient temp. Technical data