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  • Taulman 3D T-Lyne Flexible Natural

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    Recognizing a growing need for 3D printing materials with higher durability as well as unique flexibility, Taulman 3D and DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers (DuPont) worked together to manufacture and release a unique new flexible material to the 3D printing community called T-lyne that uses DuPont™ Surlyn® ionomer. T-lyne is a unique, crystal clear polyethylene co-polymer developed specifically for high durability, flexibility, unique viscosity and a wide temperature range. Glass-like aesthetics can easily be obtained at high layer sizes using low speed and low temperatures in the range of 190°C to 210°C. Utility style parts are easily printed faster at standard layer sizes using higher temperatures up to 245°C, depending on nozzle size.

    DuPont™ Surlyn® in T-lyne meets FDA 21CFR 177.1330(a) and can potentially be used in prosthetics where the most unique feature is the ability to immerse a part into hot water, make some minor adjustments, then cool the part and the part will maintain the adjustments as if it were printed in final form. For years, clinics have used polyethylene braces, temporary casts and corrective positioning components to more closely match the end user’s exact needs. The clarity of T-lyne allows one to see into or through a part with as many as 5-8 perimeters and determine where adjustments may be needed. This same clarity is used for non-destructive evaluation of any printed utility part as internal adhesion is paramount. Also, T-lyne has a surface that is not slippery, making hand tools made from T-lyne unlikely to slip out of one’s hand.

    Technical Specifications
    • Printing Temperature: 220C
    • Printing Speed: 20mm/s w/0.4mm
    • Nozzle
Taulman3D T-Lyne Natural 3D Filament
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Taulman 3D T-Lyne Flexible Natural Product Details

Taulman 3D T-Lyne Flexible Natural Specifications
Available diameter Spool weight
Print bed hot Print bed cold
Print temp range Filament melting point
Nozzle size Filament shrinkage
Max. elongation Modulus PSI
Tensile strength Filament Tg
Transmission Tolerance
Ambient temp. Technical data