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  • Polymaker PolySupport™ Pearl White

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    Polymaker PolySupport™ is a material designed to solve one of the most intimidating problem in desktop FDM/FFF 3D printing: support. PolySupport™ generates support structures that can be easily removed by hand.


    No More Hassle : Polymaker PolySupport™ works just like your regular 3D printing filaments. Easy to print and store. No sensitivity to normal moisture or heat and no need to work with dangerous organic solvents.

    Freedom Of Creation Redefined: How many times have you printed a part only to find out that either the print failed due to the lack of support, or how difficult it can be to remove the support without causing some damage to the part? We are glad to provide you with a new solution. PolySupport™ is a material designed specifically to generate support structures that are adequate to support the part being built, and yet extremely easy to remove afterwards.

    Single & Dual Extruders : PolySupport™ can be used on both dual and single-extrusion printers. It can be used either as a dedicated support material (dual-extrusion), or as both the modelling and support material (single-extrusion). In both cases the support structure can be easily removed. So no matter what printer you may have you can rely on PolySupport™ to support your creations.

    Material specs

    Glass Transition Temp:

    Filament Melting Point:
    200 – 210 °C (392 – 410 °F)

    1.20 – 1.25 g/cm3

    1.75 mm or 3 mm

    ± 0.05 mm
    50 Microns
    (Typical~ 0.02 mm )

    Print settings

    Temperature Range:
    220 – 230 °C

    Recommended 3D printing temperature:
    220 – 230 °C

    Recommended 3D print speed: 
    30 – 60 mm/s

    Build Platform:
    Heating Bed Not Required

    • Vacuum sealed bag to reduce moisture absorption with a resealable opening to store left over material
    • Desiccant bag to keep bag moisture-free
    • Filament clip to prevent filament from becoming entangled and possibly damage the vacuum sealed bag
    • Packed away with care in our boxes

    We also ship our filaments with an instruction sheet to help you get started in 3D printing

PolySupport™ Pearl White
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Polymaker PolySupport™ Pearl White Product Details

Polymaker PolySupport™ Pearl White Specifications
Available diameter Spool weight
Print bed hot Print bed cold
Print temp range Filament melting point
Nozzle size Filament shrinkage
Max. elongation Modulus PSI
Tensile strength Filament Tg
Transmission Tolerance
Ambient temp. Technical data