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  • Taulman 3D Bridge Nylon Black

  • Shipping: U.S. nationwide delivery in 1 to 3 days Taulman 3D Bridge Nylon Black "bridges" the strength of nylon 645 together with the price of current ABS and PLA thermoplastics. This filament allows any user the flexibility to determine the best choice in material for their printing needs.

    Important Features
    • A Lab certified measure of tensile strength
    • Better Adherence to the Printing platform
    • Price
    • Reduced water up-take from local humidity
    • Non-destructive evaluation (Opacity)
    • Reduced Shrinkage
    Technical Specifications
    • Printing Temperature: 224°C
    • Melting Temperature: 217°C
    • Print Bed Temperature: 30°C - 65°C
    • Shrinkage in/in: 0.0061
    • Solvent/Glue: None
    • Opacity: 68%
    • Reflectivity: N/A
    • Surface texture: Very good
    • Fumes: None
Taulman 3D Bridge Nylon Black
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Taulman 3D Bridge Nylon Black Product Details

Taulman 3D Bridge Nylon Black Specifications
Available diameter Spool weight
Print bed hot Print bed cold
Print temp range Filament melting point
Nozzle size Filament shrinkage
Max. elongation Modulus PSI
Tensile strength Filament Tg
Transmission Tolerance
Ambient temp. Technical data