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  • Taulman 3D Nylon 230 Natural

  • Shipping: U.S. nationwide delivery in 1 to 3 days Taulman 3D Nylon 230 Natural is the fist nylon ever developed to be printed at 230°C or a lower temperature than any other 3D printing Nylon. With the release of Nylon 230 (summer 2015), Taulman 3D will provide owners of PLA only 3D printers or PLA and ABS only 3D printers to add high strength Nylon to their list of material choices. In addition, Nylon 230 prints on Blue tape, and even better on "Built-Tak" type surfaces as well as print bed treated with various PVA glues/glue sticks.
Taulman 3D Nylon 230 Natural 3D Filament
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Taulman 3D Nylon 230 Natural Product Details

Taulman 3D Nylon 230 Natural Specifications
Available diameter Spool weight
Print bed hot Print bed cold
Print temp range Filament melting point
Nozzle size Filament shrinkage
Max. elongation Modulus PSI
Tensile strength Filament Tg
Transmission Tolerance
Ambient temp. Technical data